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Ardeun Authenticates Biometric Fingerprint, Face, Voice recognition and Fingerprint cards for PC and Website Login

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Today's consumers are demanding that financial institutions, (and for that matter any organization that provides a login page to access personal and business information) deliver unquestionable security whilst also maintaining an ease of use balance.

Ardeun efficiently meets and exceeds these criteria and that of FFIEC and NCUA guidelines through our proprietary patented and patent-pending processes, using Fingerprint recognition, Face recognition and Voice recognition Biometrics . Ardeun is an intuitive comprehensive interface that addresses the needs of both Consumer and Enterprise Provider in securing online log-in and transaction processing online ;

  • Authenticating the consumer using biometrics ( verifying accessing to information by who they are, not simply by what they have or know)
  • Verifying the providers webiste ( ensuring a Phishing episode or Man-in-the-Middle attack is not being perpetrated ).
  • Confirming the source of the transaction ( originating PC )

    In other words, all aspects of the authentication transaction are secured.

Ardeun leverages an array of proprietary foreground and background technology presented through an intuitive user interface that provides multi-factor “personal trait” authentication that meets and exceeds FFIEC and NCUA guidelines.



Ardeun Authenticator ™, is a server-oriented application that enables Providers to securely authenticate user identities for access to internet sites, and to authenticate actions such as online banking transactions, notifying attendance, online trading and so on.

Ardeun Authenticator ™, enrolls new users remotely via the Providers site. Using Ardeun Authenticator ™ an enterprise can quickly add a strong multi-factor authentication layer to their site eliminating the exposures of password access. Typical logon methods rely on passwords, which can be shared, lost or stolen. Enterprises that rely on user names and passwords alone (or on other "single-factor" authentication strategies) may be providing access to sensitive corporate and customer information to unauthorized individuals.

Ardeun Authenticator ™ adds a strong second and third factor of authentication, insuring that only authorized individuals can gain access to specified areas and information. Ardeun Authenticator ™ also provides a comprehensive audit trail of user identity - an accurate record of who accesses critical data or applications and when.

Multiple methods of authentication including Finger Voice Face bio-Smartcard GeoPlot
Easily integrated into any web site supporting ASP and PHP with just a few lines of code. Can safeguard multiple pages per site.
One time encryption key processes. AES 256 encryption standards and SSL.
Proprietary data transfer methods
Each site has it's own Unique Identifier to further protect against hacking.
Each Customer is identified uniquely
Each Customers computer has it's own discernible Footprint
Customer touch points across multiple pages and sites are recorded for security and inquiry purposes so customers are assured of accurate visiting records
Ardeun Anti-Phishing technology ensures sites cannot be "cloned"


When a customer arrives at your login page they are presented with the Ardeun myBiometrix Scan Interface. They can either select from the range of authentication devices or modes available, or you may have preconfigured your application to request a particular type of scanning process.

The customer's scanned information is encrypted using a one-time encryption key generated by the encryption server. This scanned information is then sent to the Ardeun Biometric Data server for validation.

The resulting validation is determined by the Ardeun Biometric Data server based on the scan and any rules that might apply to this application, application page or user.
An encrypted response is sent to the Application Provider for this particular customer and the Application Provider can then react accordingly and direct the customer to the allowed page.
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